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TITLE OF POSITION:    Student Ministry Worship Leader & Gatherings Coordinator


Straight Connector 2 

REPORTS TO:               Student Ministry Pastor


PEERS WITH:               Student Ministry Director, Production Coordinator


POSITION TYPE:           Full Time, 40+ hours/week


PURPOSE OF THE POSITION:   To create exciting student environments (gatherings) that middle and high school students love to attend. This position is in charge of leading the BASM Gathering Team in executing student gatherings and worship experiences.




·      Must have a strong desire to minister to middle, high and college students. 

·      Spiritually mature: models the lifestyle of a passionate, maturing follower of Jesus

·      Enthusiastically embraces God’s vision for Bay Area Student Ministry

·      Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

·      Ability to lead worship (plan instrument and sing) and lead a team of musicians in weekend gatherings

·      Willingness to work flexible hours. Must be able to work evenings/weekend as needed

·      Reliable, hard worker who multitasks well

·      Self-starter who shows initiative and innovation skills

·      Team player who works well with various personalities and has consistent positive influence within the BASM Team

·      Teachable and approachable




Gathering Coordinator Role (45%):

1.     Plan student gatherings by ensuring that elements such as videos, stage games, visuals, music playlists, stage props, hosts, etc., are designed and executed with a high level of excellence. 

2.     Oversee the gathering planning process

3.     Maintain Planning Center for all student gatherings and events

4.     Interface with team members that contribute to all gatherings and events

5.     Lead Sunday gathering pre-production meetings and mid-morning evaluation meetings to ensure excellence in preparation and evaluation of gatherings

6.     Coordinate with Production Coordinator/Tech Team to execute gathering A/V/L

7.     Serve as and/or provide quality hosts for gatherings and events

8.     Continually work to ensure that all gathering environments are fresh, relevant, and engaging for students.  Keep us ahead of the curve.




Worship Leader Role (45%):


       Serve as primary worship leader during student gatherings at Annapolis campus

       Rehearse bands, vocals and tech for worship gatherings

       Oversee and facilitate online scheduling of worship teams  (bands, worship leaders)

       Prepare music and other worship elements with excellence

       Contribute to building a worship culture within student ministry

       Recruit, care for, and develop new musicians, vocalist, and artists who will help further the vision and culture of the worship ministry

       Maintain inventory of all BASM instruments and related equipment

       Prepare ProPresenter slides and visual backgrounds for song sets


Other Duties (10%)


·      General ministry duties that are necessary to help accomplish the ministry vision/goals. These may include, but are not limited to, things like: setting up spaces, cleaning up spaces, running errands, contacting students/parents/leaders, meetings, etc.

·      Bay Area staff meetings, events, and ‘all-staff’ commitments.



·      Bachelor’s degree recommended but not required.

·      2-3 years of experience leading in a student ministry context and preferably in a Worship Leader role

·      Solid working knowledge of technical systems (A/V/L), IT, and equipment is a must.

·      Working knowledge of DAW’s, live and studio equipment

·      Working knowledge of Playback, Mainstage, PlanningCenter and ProPresenter.

·      Experience managing staff and/or volunteers including recruiting, training and equipping

·      Experience in video, audio production is helpful

·      Must be an equipper of people, not just an “up front” person



Please send any work samples including video, audio, documents to: