IT Manager Job Description

Updated 12/10/20


TITLE OF POSITION:                IT Manager




POSITION TYPE:          Part-time, hourly, up to 10 hours per week


REPORTS TO:              XP of Operations


PEERS WITH:               Production Director


PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION:  To oversee the development, implementation, maintenance, and use of technology to support and further the mission and vision of Bay Area Community Church (BACC). Oversee the creation and maintenance of a technology roadmap. Ensure technical support for BACC staff members is provided effectively and efficiently.



RESPONSIBILITIES: This position’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


      Interface with and oversee all work completed by our IT Provider regarding all aspects of the contract.

      Maximize our service contract with our IT provider.

      Oversee the administration of servers, desktop computers, printers, software deployment, security updates, and patches for both Windows and Apple Operating Systems as managed by our IT provider.

      Oversee the timely application of security patches/fixes.

      Oversee the deployment of laptops, desktops, printers, and copiers/scanners.

      Oversee network maintenance and growth plans

      Create and oversee an annual IT budget

      Oversee GPO administration.

      Oversee the disaster recovery systems, both on and off-site.

      Interface with the BACC staff to explain expectations, IT functions, changes, security measures, etc.

      Review Helpdesk requests, to ensure efficient/effective service, track problematic equipment, suggest equipment upgrades, replacements etc. 

      Oversee on-site hardware and software installs and upgrades with our IT Provider

      Manage software license agreements, updates and user lists

      Provide recommendations for service improvements.

      Interface with IT support companies and vendors in conjunction with our IT Provider for wired and wireless networks, electronic doors and security system.


Basic Qualifications:

·      Demonstrates faith in Jesus Christ

·      Agrees with BACC statement of Beliefs and meets all Ministry Partner requirements

·      Attends BACC or is willing to begin attending

·      Self-motivated and requires little supervision

·      Excellent interpersonal skills to interact with staff, team members, vendors and our IT provider

·      Team player with strong written and oral communication

·      Strong administrative skills


Required Skills and Knowledge

Aptitude for financial stewardship as it relates to IT budgets, purchases, installs, etc.

Administrative skills

Minimum of two-to-three years of experience within the IT Industry working with the following


      Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems

      Apple OS X operating systems

      Windows Server 2012/2016 administration

      Windows Active Directory

      Office 365

      Experience working with AWS

      TCP/IP networking