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REPORTS TO:              Director of Children’s Ministry


POSITION TYPE:          Part Time up to 20 hours per week


PURPOSE OF THIS POSITION:  Assists the Preschool and Elementary Coordinators with prep for     

 Virtual Children’s Ministry and eventually weekend gatherings.



RESPONSIBILITIES: This position’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Weekday Responsibilities:

·      Assists in the production of our weekend Children’s Ministry videos

o   Gathering supplies for sets

o   Creating and building props

o   Assisting in script writing

·      Strategizing virtual events and kits for families

o   Prepping for kits

·      Preparing for Reopening

o   Preparing rooms

o   purchasing supplies

o   Connecting with leaders


*Future needs

·      Follows up with volunteers from past Sunday

·      Informs Coordinators of volunteer feedback from Sunday

·      Meets with Coordinators regularly to discuss preschool strategy and curriculum

·      Preps curriculum with Mid-Week Prep volunteers, ensuring it is ready for Sunday morning.

o   Prints/copies all materials

o   Shops for supplies

o   Preps, cuts, organizes all supplies

·      Ensures all spaces are well stocked and clean each week and shops for those supplies

·      Keeps all forms up to date and posted within database

·      Meets with CM team to plan upcoming events and support one another

·      Work with Coordinators on weekly tasks for Sunday

·      Help with bin prep for Preschool and Elementary


Weekend Responsibilities:

*Currently no weekend needs until back in person

·      Coordinates and distributes all event promotional items needed

·      Gathers Facebook pictures and info from the gatherings to post

·      Assist Coordinators in Sunday needs

·      Recruits for Children’s Ministry volunteers

·      Help volunteers in rooms when needed

·      Prepares environment for volunteers and children

·      Assist team over all with Sunday Gatherings

o   Ensures volunteers report to assigned rooms

o   Ensures all volunteers follow the policies and procedures

o   Directs families and children to the appropriate environments

o   Manages child to volunteer ratios

·      Ensures all areas are clean and safe at the end of each Gathering

·      Assists Coordinators with volunteer meetings


Other Responsibilities:

·      Oversees upkeep and cleanliness of Slash Zone play area

·      Attend Children’s Ministry events

·      Attend All Staff required events

·      Assist in planning a preparing for Children’s Ministry events



Basic Qualifications:

·      Demonstrates faith in Jesus Christ

·      Agrees with BACC statement of faith and meets all requirements to be a Ministry Partner

·      Attends BACC or is willing to begin attending

·      Strong Team player

·      Self-motivated and strong attention to detail