Care Network & Marriage Ministry Director Job Description
January 14, 2021
Position Title:
Care Network & Marriage Ministry Director
Position Type:
Part-Time Hourly
Position Reports To:
Executive Pastor of Operations
Position Peers With:
Bay Area Staff
Job Description: Provides oversight, strategy and development of the Care Network
Ministry at Bay Area so that it integrates with other ministries and provides confidential
care for Bay Area attenders as they seek help for the variety of challenges they are
experiencing. Also providing appropriate referrals to ministries/programs both inside the
church and out in the community. Provide oversight, strategy and development of the
Marriage ministry to support, encourage and enhance the relationships of premarital
and married couples in the Bay Area and surrounding communities.
Key Objectives: Oversees all volunteers and operations for the Care Network and
Marriage Ministries. This includes:
1. Provides confidential assessments and referrals to appropriate care for those
seeking help.
2. Identify, recruit, and support leaders to participate on all Care Network &
Marriage Teams: Care Coaches, Marriage Ministry, DivorceCare, GriefShare, and
3. Facilitate the Bay Area premarital program, marriage events, and the resourcing
of couples.
4. Facilitate specialized training through Lay Counselor Institute for the Care
Coaches (required for them), Care Network Teams and other appropriate Bay
Area teams (Deacons, Elders, Missional Community Leaders…)
5. Networking with community ministries, professional agencies and programs to
meet the needs that transcend the capabilities of the Care Network.
6. Networking with care ministries and churches of the Greater Annapolis Area
through bi-monthly attendance at Church Benevolence Coalition meetings.
7. Collaborate with and support other Bay Area Ministries, Deacons and Elders as
needs arise.
8. Develop, propose and administer budget.
9. Provide management and oversight of budget for Bay Area attenders receiving
Benevolence for Counseling with community agencies
Sunday Responsibilities:
• Be present and available to the body as needs arise.
• Support Care Network and Marriage ministries who have meetings, or classes on
• Set aside 2 Gathering times per Sunday to offer assessments.
• Schedule and attend monthly Care Coach Supervision on the 4th Sunday of every month
with licensed clinician.
• Support and be available to Deacons as they meet with Bay Area attenders.
Weekday Responsibilities:
• Support and help coordinate events, programs, and services for all Marriage and Care
Network Teams.
• Assist Premarital Mentoring Ministry Team Leaders manage wedding requests and
pastor requests.
• Support families during the loss of loved ones, through the memorial service, and
• Provide Assessments with those seeking care.
• Collaborate with Deacons & Elders on specific cases.
• Provide consultation/support to other Directors, Leaders, Pastors concerning marriage
and family issues and mental health services for attenders.
• Ongoing coordination with and identification of community services/programs/referral
sources for attender’s needs.
• Take calls from those outside of Bay Area seeking Benevolence and refer appropriately.
• Collaborate with Church Benevolence Coalition for community requests for assistance.
• Providing weekly support to Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, and Heart Song
clinicians using space at Bay Area.
Basic Qualifications:
• Demonstrates mature faith in Jesus Christ
• Healthy and strong marriage
• Agrees with BACC statement of Beliefs, Position Papers and meets all Ministry Partner
• Attends BACC or is willing to begin attending
• Self-motivated and requires little supervision
• Excellent interpersonal skills to interact with staff, team members, volunteers, couples
and clients
• Team player with strong written and oral communication
• Capable of networking with ministries and organizations outside of Bay Area
• Strong planning, administrative and organizational skills
• Capable of building effective teams
Additional Desired Experience, Education and Skills:
3 years or more of experience preferably in the area of case management, pastoral care,
and/or marriage and family ministry.
• Bachelor or graduate degree related to the Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, or Social Work
• Integrating Biblical truth in ministry programs and in providing care and counsel